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PrintPro was founded (by my father) in 1989 on a single premise of providing the most dependable customer service to our clients each time, every time regardless of the size of their order. Period. Our beginnings as a quick copy shop was instrumental in cementing our values of customer service. It has been this very axiom that has anchored our growth over the past number of years. Starting off as a quick copy shop run by one family meant that every single customer was always served by a member of the family each time they visited one of our 2 locations. My father managed the flagship location in Westwood at 3129 Portage Avenue while my uncle and mother managed the St. James location on 1859 Portage Avenue.

Given the retail nature of the business in the 1980’s and the fact that customers and businesses didn’t have high-speed photocopiers in their offices or desktop printers in their home, our retail stores serviced our business client’s multiple times per week to satisfy their printing requirements. Often times, my father or uncle would stay late and keep the store open because one of their customers would call from work and mention that the only time they could come would be in the early evening.

As a young boy at the time, it didn’t appreciate why they were staying late just so 1 single customer could getsome photocopies done. In fact, I hated it. I could not understand why they couldn’t come home at a “normal” time like most parents did after finishing work. Today, after being in this business for over 4 years and learning from the both of them, I fully understand why they stayed the extra few hours anytime a customer requested it. It is one of the main reasons that we are still in business today and most importantly, why our business has experienced growth year over year in an industry that is generally stagnant.

Our business is all about making the lives of our customers easier and allowing them to grow their businesses by delivering their products on time each time, every time, even if it means staying late. If we cannot deliver printed items on time, then it simply becomes ink on paper that is no good to anyone. Today, although we no longer operate the retail locations, our state-of-the-art commercial printing facility (located at 348 Saulteaux Crescent in the Murray Industrial Park) caters to many of the same customers and companies that used our services when we were a copy shop because we still operate with the same level of customer service similar to if were in the retail business.

In short, it is these customers that we have served for over 27 years that are a true testament to the fact that we have taken pride in serving our customers as though they were members of our family. Whether it was producing single black & white copies for our walk-in customers in the late 80’s or it’s working with our corporate customers today on the most complex of projects, we have not wavered from our dedication and provision of exceptional service to our customers.

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